Sontexte: Revive


The smell of coffee

Keep your eyes in your head
I'm not what you consider to have tonight
you can't pay my price
don't touch me with your eyes
this is no incentive to live dreams
this is not what it seems

The smell of coffee in your eyes prophesies
paradise or deep lies
from heaven sent I am not  for you
cause I don't trust the smell of coffee

Don't even think about it
don't dare to say the words you would like to say
you better step off my way
I'm not yours and I never will be
I'm not a prize to make you feel alright
this ain' t your party tonight


Damn it, smash it on the ground
I'm not the dream you think you've found
damn it, smash it on the ground
here are my words for you
listen to the sound
bye, bye, boy, there is no us
bye, bye, boy, I'm not yours


The smell of coffee's quite nice
as it would be able to convince me with pretty lies
I'm not the woman of your paradise
you'll fail in trying to hurt me
the colour of the coffee you offer me is like the colour of your eyes
you don't care about inside

Cause I don't trust the smell of coffee


You gotta belong to my past

What do you do in my head again
slowly it' s getting weird
what do you do in my dreams again
slowly I'm getting mad
cause I can't forget you
but I'll never get through to you

You gotta belong to my past
I gotta learn to forget you
everybody knows, deep love lasts
I'll never belong to you
you gotta belong to my past
this is more than a game

Too many words I have already said
it's time to come to an end
too many words you didn't wanna hear
it's all just wasted time
I must forget you
cause I'll never get through to you

Blowing end
blowing storm
takes you away

Maybe you' re not what I saw in you
maybe you are
maybe I'll never find it out
it's the secret of your heart
step by step I work on distance
this was your chance but you missed it



I'm not as tough as I seem to be
this is just my insecurity
hold it up, hold it down
spinning around tonight
let it go, let me go
don't leave me alone this night, cause

I am a freak
and I don't know why to keep
my opinion for me, baby
I am a freak
and I don't know why to keep
I'm fucking crazy

I'm not as cool as I seem to be
this is just my vulnerability
stop me now, stop it now
being alone tonight
now shut up, now hang up
don't tell me what to do in my life, cause


Shut your mouth
and fuck off


I'm not as crazy as I seem to be
this is just my creativity
so what, you got
something to party tonight
I am just me
and this is my life, so



All alone

Why is love playing a game with me
through the strong gates I cannot see, cannot see
youíre falling, youí re no part of me
what you wanna be, you cannot be, cannot be

Iím falling into peaces
hear the wind at my window
hear some glass breaking up there
Iím nowhere

Leave me alone, all alone
leave me alone, all alone
I am alone, all alone
am I alone, all alone

Why is some day sometimes no day
why is some road sometimes no way, no way
wanna go, wanna stay
do you ever listen to what I say, what I say

I cannot try to move
Iím screaming at the wall
Iím fed up with all these efforts
will I ever meet you

Hear the rain in the streets
wash away my dreams, my dreams

Iím sitting here and thinking
Iím thinking too much, too much
what to think and what to say
what to mean and what not to say, not to say

Thereís hope as long as we got it
with this power you can grow
close your eyes and breath
let all the fears go




Time doesn't fade away
when it's about a feeling that's supposed to last forever
time doesn't fade away
when it doesn't mean anything anymore
cause nothing, nothing could take away my love from you
I'm standing here
the only reason for my words is you

Today things have to be said
cause I've never met
someone like you before

Come and take my hand
don't leave me standing here alone in the rain
give me a chance to become a part of you
no, don't reject me
don't you know, what you mean to me
give me a chance to prove it to you

My heart doesn't fade away
it just can't stop beating for you
my heart doesn't fade away
it's not an illusion, it's all just too true
cause every time, every day I see you, I start loving you more
every time, everyday, you're a little shine out of this misery

Pre-Ref. & Ref.
Nothing will fade away
there's only more, I can learn about you
nothing will fade away
if there's something to say, I would listen to you
cause I'd give my all to be there, save in your arms
I'd give my all to spend my time with the one I love

Pre-Ref. & Ref.



Iím sitting here in front of a nice, cool ventilator
writing this song for me and you and everybody
trying to tell just to chill, chill

Your words donít interest me, I absolutely donít care
if you think that youíre a princess, you can think that alone
Iím just walking off, Iím relaxt and chill

Cause nobodyís telling me anything
Iím not gonna stress me up
I just need to hang around
and chill, just chill

Yes, this really is a big question of tomorrow
yes, this really is a big bunch of so-called problems
where is the next coffee served couch, Iím gonna chill

No, no, no, no, no, Iím not gonna go
Iím not gonne keep on worrying anymore
no, no, no, no, no, Iím not gonna go
I just gonna keep on enjoying my chill

Donít you know that time is just a big idiot with a big mouth
donít you know that moneyís just something for coin collectors
itís all not so bad, so chill


Just chill



You, you, you're still in my head, my head
come out there, stop playing with me
you're my big disease
get out there, you're never with me
I give you a kind of release

Get out
get out now

You're a star and playing a show
I don't care, I'm taking a role
I want to forget your name
you're so hard, you're so cool
I'm not gonna be your fool
I wanna be with you now

You, you don't know what I said, I said
come on now and listen to me
what's your right to act like this
come on now, get over to me
I wanna give you a kiss

Pre-Ref. & Ref.
What are you doing with me
I'm sure, you're not what I need
why are you touching me
I'm sure, with you I'd fall too deep

Get out, get out now
you're just playing a show
get out, get out now
get out off my head now

Pre-Ref. & Ref.

You, you, you're driving me mad, me mad
come on now and talk to me
I wanna know who you are
come on now, don't reject me
I won't be going too far

Pre-Ref. & Ref.


Traffic in my head

Different world, different places
are there really enough spaces, you can separate
all that stays are presumptions, questions
no answers more to find

Feel the traffic in my head
I don't know what's to be said
is there any word, you would listen to
there's a picture on the line
I guess, I was having too less time
is there any surface, you wouldn't judge too deep

Pictures drawn on thin glass
disappeared like smoke in mess, behind closed eyes
don't dare to speak it out
every single word too loud


What would be crazier than this
but crazy that's just me

I don't like rules, so I don't follow them
even not in love
you can't change a rebellion
I don't care about impossible



Why again

I was guessing something like that
as the picture of your face became a ghost in my head
as sudden unexplainable thoughts were appearing
as repressed contents created dreams at night

Why again, why again
I don't want to feel that again
why again, why again
I don't want to be there again

You can't help it, if it got you
you think, you're better off this shit but you can't influence it
you're captured in the net of your love
you guess, he even doesn't know your name anymore

Why again, oh why again
I'm in this situation again
why again, oh why again
I'm lost in f* love again

And again you're in a mess, standing in the rain
he's never seen your real face
he doesn't guess your pain and feelings
it's better that way, it's worse that way



My inner fight

What should I do, what should I say
itís complicated
why should I move, why should I stay
itís complicated

Iím feeling so down
cause youí re not around
Iím feeling sick
what should I do

I donít know if I wanna see you
yes, I want to
but is it right
will anything change tonight
youíre my inner fight

Where should I go, where is my road
to find you
how should I react, how should I act
to find you
Iím feeling confused
my heart I lose
to you
where should I go


Why should I leave
without you I canít breath, today
where should I run
why should you be gone, today

Iím feeling helpless
Iím feeling hopeless
thereís no way
what should I do

Ití s unbelievable what love can do
donít wanna lose you
donít wanna accept
never to see you again



I donít expect

There are so many enemies out in this world
I donít know what they want
I think they just got problems with themselves
how can you reject a person without even knowing him
you donít know my attitude

I donít expect anything
please doní t expect anything
I donít expect anything
cause you canít give me
cause nobody can give me

Youíve never asked me
not everything is what it seems to be
you only see with your eyes
but only to see with the mind could lead you to the truth
and to presumptions about who and how I may be

Sometimes I just wanna hide
but thereís no shelter for me
sometimes I just wanna hide
but I step out and fight

People donít treat me fair sometimes
they conclude from them to me
leave your prejudices behind
stop complaining about the world
better start changing it, cause youí re a part of it, too



Fight it, Barbie

Youíre going down the street
nothing to hide
youíre feeling great today
you are so right
cause you look so brilliant today

Today is your day
like all days before
you know whatever you do
you will score
cause you know what to do to be a queen

Fight it, Barbie, K. is a bitch
heís f* all the smarties that fit
in his private pocket as souvenirs
(cheers, and no tears)
You know the secrets
to stay beautiful
where once was your stomach
thereís now a big hole
cause you never eat more than you need for not to die


Society tells you that food is bad
everyone would hate you
if you would be fat
and you would never ever get a man

So go and throw up all the shit out of you
only if you stay a nice Barbie doll, youíll be true
donít even think about enjoying life
itís too short, so take care of not ending up in the big size
and being despised at least forever