Bina Sparks

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Songtexte_End of the day


Breaking Free

Everybody's hoping something green
what I believed in, is this a part of me
a spell was spoken but this is just a lie
the truth just may be, we're all afraid, to fly

We're all sinners, we're all saints
we all have something that we are fighting for
there's ups and downs and all around and trembling
and we are all just trying to run through open doors

Turn around the pieces of your experience
go your way with dreams and doubts and fight the fence

And I was breaking free, couldn't find my destiny
in this morning, out of my mind
how to break the rules, we are all some kind of fools
being incautious, breaking free means being blind

Everybody's hoping something blue
everybody's jumping between don'ts and dos
I tried to work out the secrets of the time
there ain't any, just walking on a line

We're all sinners, we're all saints
we all have some black cards to hide
there's sun and moon and dark and light
and also a wrong side of right

Pre-Ref. & Ref.

Come and step aside
what we left behind will grow
we'll never find true peace
there's no destiny, you'll know

Pre-Ref. & Ref.

Everybody's hoping something pink
whatever happens, I know my ship won't sink

We're all sinners, we're all saints
we all have to take what life will bring
if faith and faults or rain and storm or just the madness of the world
I will be standing in

Pre-Ref. & Ref.


Silence City

I know this glass is empty
my head left all the water out
spread on all the papers like a storm of words
I created a new world and now there's silence in the city
calm, can't you hear it, it's all around

Every word is born in silence, let it breath and so will you
every step is creating distance to follow a new destination
silence is the power that saves energy
speed up the raise in Silence City

Some seas live with the tide
ideas are born in emotions, letting small ones grow
progress, always rise
fall and stand up, find something new
be your believer, be your critic


Work and rest, stay and move, go ahead in life
fight the battles, don't let down, you will be satisfied


My head is empty, left all words out
spread on all the papers and the heart shows silence



Road Trip

I havenít much to tell in a wide, wide range of events
that have passed and shrunk and raised my life
best intention to write off
all the wholes and all the dirt, all the dark and the fear
far, far, far away

Itís a road trip through the wild
of the wild heart, beyond the weak
dashing through the veld and the landscapes of diversity
leaving skid marks behind the dust
try to push away the odds and ends
I go ahead with less prudence

Accelerating on the hot asphalt, hear the wheels burn
in my eyes the horizon with its flashy distance
the air fresh and cold on my skin
getting closer every day, leaving the cracks and the distance
depart away


Got a guitar on my back with a shotgun and some gin
celebrate the loss of luggage, flying back on the track


Itís been already a while since I thought about memories
what do they count if you donít let them in
wild is the wind of peace and shattering callously on the ground
of the road anyway, I keep on driving, they'll say