"Young author on the rise (...). She is a strong woman who knows what she wants." (Münchner Merkur)
"A musical and literary talent." (Radio M94.5)
"We bow in awe to so much creative energy. Bina Sparks is balm for the eyes, ears, and reading addiction." (Bookrix)
"...thrills with a professionally written story..." (IN magazine)
"Bina Sparks is also a true multi-talent, an author who can not only write but also sing and cook! It is definitely worth taking a look at her books!" (Bookrix)


Exemplary reader reviews (Amazon):

"Well and sensitively told, great characters, making it a joy to follow this story!"
"A wonderful book, I even cried because it is so beautifully written."
"I devoured this book! It has surprising moments and really funny passages."
"I found the book very excitingly written and couldn't put it down."
"An absolute recommendation and I am excited for more books from this author."
"I read this book in one go, it was so captivating."
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"The story is exciting and very well written."
"Exciting until the last second! I devoured this book. There were always surprising twists. The lines captivated me, and I was surprised by the ending. A completely successful reading pleasure!"
"I simply couldn't put it down. In no time, I was completely engrossed in the book."
"An interesting and well-told, exciting story where I wanted to know what happens on every page."
"It is really well written and very lively."
"The plot flies by like a movie in the mind's eye. The good writing style and the consistently abundant suspense speak for themselves."
"Simply fantastic."